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Frequently Asked Questions


Bathrooms?        A fiberglass porta potty.  This is a primitive campground.

Showers?  Available 13.5 miles south at Sparky's Truck stop at the intersection of Highways 4 & 20.  Or, in the warm season, you can do as the natives did and go jump in the lake.  Twin Lakes public swimming beach is 13 miles SE.  Public outdoor swimming pool with showers also available during warm season in nearby Pocahontas (6+ miles north).

Neighbors? Not on site unless you invite them.  Otherwise the nearest one is over a quarter mile away.  One of the nicest features of my campground is you're in charge of who visits.

Noise?  Make all you want.  It's on a state highway, so there's some traffic noise. After a while it becomes meditative.  You see the cars come and go and soon realize, at least for a while, you're no longer part of that world.

Beds?  There are 2 nice Coleman cots in the teepee.  The ground is covered with pea rock so a foam pad and sleeping bag works well too.

Electricity?  Limited to 2 -15 amp circuits in the utility building.

Cooking?  There's a fire pit with a grate.  Bring your own utensils.

Do you provide firewood?  Yes.  I typically have a tote filled with hardwood scraps which make a great cooking fire.  There is also downed mulberry and soft maple on the grounds which you may harvest and cut up with my bow saw.

Water?  For now, bring your own.

I really don't want to sleep in a teepee.  Can I just rent it for the afternoon, or evening for my family or friends or group?  You bet!  call me at 515 408 1269 or e-mail me at kaleidoscoepguy@hotmail.com to discuss your needs.