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Learning Center

One of my visions is to develop a lifelong learning center on the property.  It is in an old farm house initially constructed in the late 1800's and remodeled in 1929.  With acknowledgement to Aldo Leopold, the old chicken house has been converted into a large open space with three large doors and tables with chairs.  It's a great place for gatherings of all types.

When it is finished, you'll be able to rent the entire place as a retreat center for just yourself, your family or your entire group.

I plan to get an "umbrella license" so you can watch videos there.

Here are a few of the many I plan to have available:

500 Nations http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0111868/
Lost Nation: The Ioway http://www.iowaymovie.com/
America's Lost Landscape: The Tallgrass Prairie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0814006/
Green Fire http://www.greenfiremovie.com/
I'll will also have high speed internet so you may watch videos of your choice freely available on the internet.  
I'll have a page of links for topics related to Native Americans
One of many topics will be the "Pocahontas Myth"
I have a growing collection of books on Native American topics.  Enjoy reading them in the Learning Center, out on benches along the trails or in the Teepee.  
If you're planning on using the teepee campground as a "no electronics" weekend form your family, there are lots of board games available in the learning center.  

Here are sketches of the learning center layout: